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Skilled Migrant Category(SMC)
If you have the skills, New Zealand need and want to make New Zealand your long-term destination, Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.

The skilled migrant category is a point based category with 140 points to achieve in order to qualify for residence and 100 points are needed to submit the expression of interest to pool category.

The basic requirements needs that needs to be met in order to qualify under this category includes various factors which includes Age, Qualification, Work Experience, Job Offer, Nominated Occupation in long term skill list, health and character requirements etc. The points system is designed to reflect which applicants have the most to offer New Zealand so that INZ can extend invitations to apply for residence to them. Points are available for skilled employment in New Zealand, work experience, qualifications and age.

Bonus points are also available for employment, qualifications, or work experience in areas of absolute skill shortage or identified future growth areas, for employment outside Auckland, for two years of full-time study in New Zealand towards a recognised qualification, for gaining New Zealand qualifications for your partner’s skilled employment in New Zealand and their recognised qualification and for close family in New Zealand. The highest points will be available to qualified, skilled migrants who are already working in skilled employment in New Zealand

To be considered under this category you need to be of good health, good character, have a reasonable standard of English, and be under the age of 56 years. You will also need to meet the threshold of 100 points to register an expression of interest under this category.