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Officially recognised and registered visa consultants
When choosing an immigration consultant, it is important to ensure that you use a consultant that is recognised by the relevant professional and regulatory bodies. This is your protection that you are dealing with a reputable, professional firm.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent / Adviser?

Migration Agents which are registered can provide the following services…

  • Advise you on the category of visa that suits your circumstances best
  • Advise you of the nature of documents and evidence that maybe required for you to submit a valid application
  • Assist you to complete the forms and ensure documents have been completed certified
  • Submit the visa application for you
  • Liaise with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on your behalf
  • Ensures that decisions taken by DIAC on your case are correct and in terms of prevailing policy and regulations
  • Migration Agents can also certify your original documents which can save you time and money
  • Introduce you to Professionals in industries such as Australian taxation, banking, real estate and relocation services

Although using a Migration Agent is not compulsory if you feel you are not confident in lodging an application yourself or if your case is complex you should choose to use a Migration Agent.

If you lodge an application yourself and do not include the correct information there is a chance your application may be invalid or may be delayed or refused.

As the immigration regulations are complex and frequently changing, so in order to lodge a proper and correct application you must the updated knowledge in the field. The immigration rules and regulations are confusing and can change on a regular basis, sometimes even weekly! From one day to the next, you cannot be sure which regulations will apply to your case.

As a result, many applicants incorrectly assess themselves or apply under the wrong visa class, invariably leading to substantial delays and ultimately refusal. Every year, the applications of thousands of hopeful migrants are refused or delayed due to errors or mistakes, many of which were avoidable. Hence the need for professional advise and assistance during this difficult interface between you, the individual, and Immigration Authorities is required.

The Global Visa Hub protects you from the risk of refusal or unnecessary delay by submitting a fully documented case on your behalf in the format requested by the relevant official authority.